Datetime tags

Inserts the value belonging to the tag based on the computers local time and date. They are very self explained. Remember that these values are calculated at start of rename and not when the file is actually renamed. All tags except <Year> have a length of two characters at all time.

<Month:X> The optional parameter can be used to specify another format than the standard leading zeros format.

Possible parameter values:
0: No leading zeros.
00: Leading zeros
xxx: Short textual (jan, feb etc.)
Xxx: Short textual with starting capital letter (Jan, Feb etc.)
XXX: Short textual in capital letters (JAN, FEB etc.)
xxxx: Long textual (january, february etc.)
Xxxx: Long textual with starting capital letter (January, February etc.)
XXXX: Long textual in capital letters (JANUARY, FEBRUARY etc.)
<Year:X> Set X to 00 to force the year value into a 2 digit value