By using or installing any product bundled with this license, you agree to this license agreement. If you do not want to agree to this license or if you don't understand it, you should stop using and/or uninstall this software at once.

Personal use
You may use this software for personal home use free of charge. To support the project you can choose to buy a license for personal use.

Commercial use
A license must be obtained to use this software for commercial use. The license can be obtained from the Advanced Renamer website and will cover life time use for one person. It is allowed to try out the software for a limited time before a license is required.
Any organization that is considered to be a business, government entity, or non-profit organization, is considered commercial in regards to this license agreement.
For automation purposes on multiple servers one license has to be obtained for each individual server.
Click here to purchase a commercial license.

You may NOT...
... use this software if you do not agree to this license agreement.
... remove this license from the software
... remove any other files from the software
... repackage the software in a different installer.
... modify, decompile, or disassemble the software.
... use this product for illegal use.
... sell this product without prior written permission with the purpose of gaining profit. It is allowed to sell this product if the fee is only used for administration, shipping or other expenses directly related to selling the software. It is also allowed to sell this product if it is a part of a larger compilation of different software.

Exceptions to this license
A per-user license agreement can be made to give certain users special rights. The author of the product decides how this is done and who will get it.

You use this software at your own risk. The developers of this product take no responsibility for any damage of any kind. The author of the software can change this license agreement at any time without prior notice.
Privacy terms can be found at By agreeing to these license terms, you also agree to the privacy terms.

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