The List

Files vs. Folders
You cannot rename both files and folders at the same time. You can choose between Files View or Folders View by using the two buttons above the list.

Add folder dialog Add Files
There are several ways to add files to the list. You can drag files from Explorer or any other file manager. You can also click Add in the toolbar or in the right click menu or click the Insert button on your keyboard, and select the files you want to add from the open files dialog.

Add all Files in a Directory
You can also choose to select all files in a directory by clicking first Add then Directory in the toolbar. A dialog like the one to the right will appear.
If you want all files in subdirectories to be added as well, you can check the Include Subdirectories checkbox.
Use the Mask box to specify what file types you want to add. If you want to add more than one file type, you can separate them by ; ( eg. *.jpg;*.gif ). If you want to add all files, just leave the Mask blank.
Note:  This is not possible when you are in Folders View.

Add Folders
To add a folder to the Folders View, the best way is to drag them from Explorer or any other file manager. Another way is to click Add and then Directory in the toolbar. That is the same as right clicking in the list and choose Add or just hitting the Insert button on your keyboard.

Remove Items
To remove items from the list, you just select them and select Remove from the right click popup menu. Or you can use the Delete button on your keyboard.

Move Items
It is also possible to move the items to another position in the list. It is only possible to drag one item to a new position, but if you use CTRL + UP or Down, you can move all selected items either up or down.

Save List
If you want to save the list for later use, you can either click List -> Save in the toolbar or you can right click and choose Save List. The list will be saved in a regular text file, which can be opened in any text editor.

Load List
To load a list of files, click List -> Load in the toolbar or right click and choose Load List. The list does not have to be a list saved by Advanced Renamer. You can write the list in any raw text editor, save it and load it in the application.