Add method

Batch method Add If your filename is missing some words or letters, use this method to add some extra to your filename at a given position.

Specify the text that should be added.
Note:  You can use tags here.

At index
Use this to tell Advanced Renamer at what position in the filename the text should be added. If you want to add it to the beginning of the file, set the index to 1. If the index is longer than the filename, the text will be added to the end. If the value is non-numeric the index will be set to the index of the pattern supplied.

Use this to make Position count from the end of the filename. If you check this, set Apply To to name and set Position to 1, the text will be added just before the last "." (the extension separator).

Use regular expressions
If checked the "At index" value can be expressed as a regular expressions pattern. The pattern will be translated to a numeric value of the position of the pattern in the filename.

Apply To
Specifies if the change should be applied to the name, extension or both.