New case method

Batch method New case This method can change the case of the filename. This can be very useful for files used on a website or downloaded from the web.

You can specify how the case should be changed by using one of the following :
  Lower case
  Upper case
  Upper case first letter
  Lower case first letter
  Upper case first letter in every word
  Lower case first letter in every word
  Set pattern to lower case
  Set pattern to upper case
  Invert case

Use Apply To, to specify which parts of the filename that should have new case.

When you choose "Uppercase first letter in every word" or "Lowercase first letter in every word", the Word Separator in the settings window specifies what separates the words in the filename.

When using the "Set pattern to lower/upper case" option the pattern text box can be used to only change the case of a part of the filename instead of the whole filename. If the use regular expressions checkbox is checked you can also specify the pattern as a regular expression.