Image files

Program settings, Tab Image files

Thumbnail width & heigh
This specifies the dimension of the thumbnails when Advanced Renamer is in thumbnail mode. The thumbnail mode works with any file, but is only really useful when sorting and renaming pictures.
Default:  Width: 120 Height: 120

EXIF-field for image date time operations
Image files can have up to three different timestamps stored in the Exif information. Use this option to choose which value you want Advanced Renamer should use when reading file information.
The value "Date Taken" is a calculated field trying several common fields in a prioritized order.
Default: Date taken

Use EXIF information for image width and height
If turned on, the program will look for image width and height in the EXIF part of the image file. If no EXIF information is found, Advanced Renamer will open the image to determine the dimensions of the image. If this feature is turned off the program will always open the image file to find the width and height which is slower than using EXIF. EXIF is primarily used on JPEG images taken with a digital camera.
Default:  On