Show FileInfo Box
If checked, the FileInfo Box to the left of Advanced Renamer is shown.
Learn more about the FileInfo Box here.
Default: on

Confirm Clear list
When you select Clear from the List menu or close Advanced Renamer, when there are still files in the list, a confirmation box will be shown. If you uncheck this, the confirmation box will not be shown.
Default: on

Show grid
Toggles the file and folder list grid.
Default: on

Show help getting startet
Will display a button in the grid for fast access to the quick help when there is no files in the list.
Default: on

Check for updates at start up
Let Advanced Renamer automatically check for updates every time the program starts. A link to the download site will be displayed in the bottom of the main window when there is an update.
Default: on

Show add method button bar
Determines if the button bar for quick access to adding methods should be visible.
Default: on

Show start button to the left
Some like the "Start batch" button to left other to the right. Choose your preferred position.
Default: Off

Item limit
The maximum number of files or folders the program can hold in the list. Increase this if necessary. Note, can make the program slow if set to high
Default: 25000