Program settings, Tab Program

Show file info panel
If checked, the file info panel in the bottom of Advanced Renamer main window is shown.
Default: On
File info panel example

Show grid
Toggles the file and folder list grid lines.
Default: Off
Item list with gridlines

Show help getting startet
Will display a button in the grid for fast access to the quick help when there is no files in the list.
Default: On
Alert box for help for new users

Check for updates at start up
Let Advanced Renamer automatically check for updates every time the program starts. A link to the download site will be displayed in the bottom of the main window when there is an update.
Default: On
Alert box when new updates are available

Show add method button bar
Determines if the button bar for quick access to adding methods should be visible.
Default: On
Quick add method toolbar

Show start button to the left
Some like the "Start batch" button to left other to the right. Choose your preferred position.
Default: Off
Main start button shown to the left

Show image preview in file info panel
When file info panel is active and a image file is selected, a preview of the image will be shown in the panel.
Default: On
Preview image for selected item

Sort items when added with drag and drop
Choose if the program shall sort files when they are added with drag and drop (option on). If off, the program will add the files in the order they are selected at the source.
Default: On

Item limit
The maximum number of files or folders the program can hold in the list. Increase this if necessary. Cannot be set to a lower number thasn 25000. Note, can make the program slow if set to high
If you get the error message "Cannot add files. You cannot load more than 25000 items into the list" when adding files, you might want to increase this value.
Default: 25000

Don't show summary before renaming
If checked, the program will not display a confirmation window before the batch is started with the Start Batch button. Instead it will just start the batch without any warnings or confirmations.
Default: Off
Pre batch confirmation message window

Color mode
Choose between dark og light visual program user interface. When set to Auto, the program will choose the mode selected in Windows settings.
Default: Auto
Program in dark theme

Menu position
Set where the main program toolbar should be positioned. Choose "Top of window" to have the menu at the very top of the window spanning the entire width of the screen. Option "Top of list" will place the menu just above the list, but to the right of the method panel. When set top Auto, the program will set the menu at the top of the list, unless the window is too narrow, i which case it will automatically move it to the top of the window.
Default: Auto

Menu sizing
Super compact:Only displays a thin menu bar with dropdown menus representing each button group. This is the most space saving layout.
Compact:Displays the program menu in the default state, with only a small amount of spacing between each menu item.
Normal:The same as Compact but with more spacing between menu items.
Default: Compact
Super compact:
Menu bar in super compact mode
Menu bar in compact mode

Show menu group names
Determines if the names of the button groups should be visible when the Menu sizing is set to Compact or Normal. Turn this option off to save vertical space in the menu leaving more room for items in the list.
Default: On
Menu without group names