Download Advanced Renamer 3.95 Beta for MacOS

Advanced Renamer for MacOS is finally here! Some features, like scripting and thumbnails, are not yet available, but will be added in future updates. The program will be updated frequently over the next couple of months to include more features from the Windows version and to fix any bugs that might be found, as fast as possible.

Note, for the MacOS platform, the program is still considered a beta version. Please report any bugs or issues you encounter, by using the Support link in the menu. Please include program version and MacOS version and chip architecture (Intel or Apple silicon) in your request.

Download for Mac, Apple silicon Download now!

Download for Mac, Intel chip Download now!

System requirements: MacOS 11 or later.

Status of Advanced Renamer for Mac
The following features are not part of the current Mac version. Most will be added at a later time, but some might never be included.

- Localization (only available in English for now)
- Script method
- Timestamp method
- File attributes method
- Command line utility
- Metadata write
- Thumbnail view
- File icons

The documentation will also be updated with MacOS specific differences