If you want to participate in the development of Advanced Renamer you can contribute with translations. Here are som easy steps on how to make new translations:
  1. Download the translation pack to your computer.
  2. Unpack the the ZIP file to a local folder on your computer.
  3. The translation pack contains two files. A language file source and a translation editor. Install the DKLang Translation editor by executing the file dktraned-3.0-setup.exe.
  4. Launch the editor.
  5. In the Open Language File window locate the language souce file ARen.dklang from the ZIP file.
  6. Click the Create New Translation radio button and click the OK button.
  7. A Translation Properties window will appear. Set Source Language to English (USA) and set Translation Language to the language you want to translate the source file. Leave the rest of the fields blank and click OK.
  8. All language phrases should be present on the screen in two columns. Default value on the left and the translated value on the right. Translate the right values in the edit box in the bottom.
  9. Save the file to the langauge folder called Lang in the Advanced Renamer folder (usualle C:\Program Files\Advanced Renamer\Lang\.
  10. When you start Advanced Renamer it is now possible to select the new language from the settings dialog.
  11. Send the new language file to and it will be included in the next release of Advanced Renamer.

If you want to edit an existing language file do the same as above except you should choose Open An Existing Translation File in step 6 and select the existing language file by clicking the Browse button in the bottom of the window. Also note that step 7 is not needed when editing existing files.


If any phrases include something like %s or %d it is very important to also include these special values in the translated text. They are placeholders for values supplied by Advanced Renamer at runtime. If any of these are omitted the program will fail when using this text phrase.

Translation progress

Thanks to all the translators who have helped make this software available in other languages than English.

Language Author Progress
ArabicOmar Einea 85% complete
BulgarianNider Karlov, (Нидер Карлов)98% complete
CatalanAntònia Bellalta93% complete
Chinese (Simplified)RainSlide95% complete
CzechJosef Duštíra85% complete
DanishKim Jensen99% complete
GermanMarkus Feichtinger98% complete
GermanBastian Wiegmann93% complete
SpanishC4BR3R498% complete
FinnishJ. Hurtig58% complete
FrenchSimon Cayuela95% complete
GreekΣπύρος Κρικέλης-(Spyros Krikelis)68% complete
IndonesianNicedward95% complete
ItalianUpdated by Styb (styb.styb_ at complete
JapaneseTilt98% complete
Koreansheppaul93% complete
DutchRené Diepenbroek98% complete
PolishŁukasz SEWERYN - continuation of translation done by fenixproductions (TC UP team)99% complete
Portuguese (Brazil)99% complete
RomanianCrystek Chris95% complete
RussianDmitry Trubin. Updated and corrected for v3.84 by Ivan Lakti98% complete
SwedishOlof Sundqvist ( a1/687)71% complete
Slovakphoto.kubala_ at _gmail.com85% complete
SlovenianVinko Kastelic98% complete
TurkishAtilla ATEŞ85% complete
Chinese (Traditional)Hightfly 56% complete
UkrainianAnatolii Zaika (anatoly.zaika.v_ at complete