Move method

Use the move method to move a number of characters from one position to another.

Move from
Specifies the index to move from. If the file name is "my cool file name" and this value is 4, the start index will be where the letter "c" is.

Move count
The number of characters to be moved.

Move to
The position to move the characters to. If the file name  is "my cool file name" and move from is 4, move count is 5, and move to is 1, then the file name will be "cool my file name".

Move relative
If checked, the value of move to will be relative to the value of move from.

If checked, the move from is counted from the end of the filename instead of the beginning.

Use regular expressions
If checked the value of Move From, Move Count and Move To can be a regular expression search pattern.

Apply to
Specifies which parts of the filename that should be included in the rename.